Podcast #4: Welcome to the Discomfort Zone

August 6

When you’re out here in the Discomfort Zone, you love company – so hey – I’m glad you’re with me!

I hear a lot of inner chatter about being in an uncomfortable situation.  The voice of Ego, what we call Trickster, is full of fear and tugs me to RUN back to a more comfortable space.  Thankfully, Essence whispers and tugs me to lean into the discomfort because it is loaded with possibility.

When someone is new to the Discomfort Zone and feeling panicky, check in…

Is this only uncomfortable?

Being uncomfortable comes with the territory and I can live through it.

Or – Is this really not a fit for me?

Is your internal compass, tuned into your personal values, telling you that this is not going to create what you want?

It’d be great if we could all answer these questions before we venture out into the Discomfort Zone – but in my experience, we won’t know the answer until we get there and feel our way through it.

I’m getting better at spotting the difference between ‘I’m just uncomfortable’ and ‘I’m not where I’m meant to be’.  Ego drives the uncomfortable feelings with a goal of getting me back to the familiar Comfort Zone. Essence on the other hand invites me to make a shift in direction withing running back home.

Want to dig deeper into Ego & Essence and how it plays in your business?  Check out my Intimidation Crusher program.

Want to stretch yourself?  Join me in the next Stretch Yourself Challenge!

Do you spend a good amount of time in the Discomfort Zone. Please, share your experiences with us in a comment below!


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