Podcast #3: People have Secret Frustrations

July 7

In my Facebook community we do something interesting. I opened up a form on my website where you can anonymously contribute a question or vent that you’d like to engage on without revealing your personal identity.

We all have those questions or frustrations that bug us – but we don’t want to post them ourselves for one reason or another.

Sure, it’d be great if we all felt supported and accepted to the degree that embarrassment or judgment falls to the side – but that’s not reality for everyone and I love that we get a chance to encourage someone or solve a problem and I don’t care that we have no idea who we’re responding to.

Today’s Secret Frustration: Not Having Money To Spend On Mindset Training.

A brave members submitted a question I really relate to.  Listen in for the answer I give.

You can submit your own #mysecretfrustration here and please do visit the community to contribute your perspective to the conversations that have been started already.

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