Podcast #7: When You’re Afraid Of Being Judged

October 5

We are content creators, which implies we are creating content that means something to us.

Take me as an example. As I develop content here at Love People + Make Money, I’m not ghostwriting other people’s thoughts – I’m expressing my perspective and opinions.

These opinions tend to be strong and sometimes run quite contrary to those of others.  I’m willing to speak up whether others will agree with me or not in most situations, but there are definitely times when I fear of judgment.

How about you? Are you holding back for fear of other’s judgment?  If so, this podcast episode is for you because I believe the world needs your voice.

Not sharing the ideas and opinions you have, stuffing them down – it eats you up inside and that’s not okay anymore!  What I want you to realize is this: If you feel it, others do too.

If you fear your opinions will create waves – I’m going to suggest they WILL and we actually WANT them to because it will create something awesome for the world in the long run :)


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