Episode #68: There’s Too Much Noise Out There Already

December 3

Continuing my ‘Say Something’ theme with another common Trickster thought that keeps a lot of creators like me quiet:

“There’s too much noise out there already”

If you haven’t listened to Episode #65 (Have Something To Say), #66 (Say What You Want To Say) and #67 (Nobody Wants To Know What I Think) yet – please do!

For those operating in busy markets, how often is it suggested that your niche is saturated or over-crowded?  Personally, I’m not a fan of that conversation. Too often when it’s brought it, it’s used as an excuse for not trying to stand out or as a catch all reason for failure.

There IS a lot of noise out there on the internet, no matter your niche, people are exposed to a crazy amount of information.  This isn’t a reason to hold back though, it’s a reason to speak up!

Standing out from all the noise is about taking a stand and going deeper.

If you write something and feel like you’re contributing to the noise online, give it a critical eye and ask if that’s true.

Noise Check

  • Am I speaking to something that actually matters? That’s not noise.
  • Am I providing personal perspective with a story of my own experience?  That’s not noise.
  • Am I giving enough context to the story that people can feel connected? That’s not noise.
  • Have I provided an actionable takeaway? That’s not noise.
  • Have you trimmed away all of the fluff to focus on juicy meat instead of word count? (Hoorah!)

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Say Something

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