Episode #67: Nobody Wants To Know What I Think

December 3

In this episode I continue my ‘Say Something‘ theme.

I encourage you to listen to Episode #65 and Episode #66 to get caught up on what I’m sharing before listening to this one.

Trickster, the name I ascribe to the self protective voice of Ego, likes to suggest all kinds of thoughts that would keep me quiet.

“Nobody wants to know what I think.” is one of my all time most played thoughts.  It gets pulled out whenever I’m around new people or I’m feeling intimidated by other smart brains around me.

Is it true?  Is there actually no one who wants to know what I think?  Almost never!

If there is someone out there who really doesn’t want to know, who cares?

These thoughts are born out of a desire to stay safe and avoid risk. We’re alive and well today because of the same set of programming, so don’t beat yourself up about it.  Acknowledge that you’re stretching yourself and feel comfortable – then say what you want to say anyways.

I don’t publish podcasts because I believe everyone wants to know what I think – but some do.  I keep my focus on YOU.

Ready to shake off Trickster thoughts and say something that matters to your people?

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Say Something

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