Episode #66: Say What You Want To Say

December 2

In the last episode, I emphasized how important it is as a Content Marketer to have something to say.  This is a definite ‘Part Two’ situation here so please do listen to Episode #65 first.

I left you journaling about your people and all you want for them.  This helps you identify the things you want to say – it actually helps you find your voice.

So, now what?

It’s time to actually SAY IT.

Everything you journaled can become fantastic content that attracts and serves the community you love. Every scrap and idea can be expanded upon and made relatable – if you’re ready.  Let’s talk about trusting yourself, taking risks and stepping up.

Do you really want to be a source for your people?

Have you embraced that seed of leadership I mentioned before? When you do, you see yourself as a source your people can look to and rely on.

There will be other sources of course, but you’ll bring something unique = YOU!

Can you become willing to experience disagreement?

The greater stand I take, the more people disagree with me.  It’s not that my opinions are terribly unpopular, far from it. It’s more that I am willing to say what I want to say and keep saying it. That gets more attention and that means for opportunity to be disagreed with.

If being disagreed with terrifies you, you’ll stay hushed. That’s not ok! The world needs your perspective.

Can you trust yourself?

Trusting yourself starts with letting go of the need to always find confirmation before you take action.

Being over attached to confirmation led me to muffling my voice for too long and what a shame. I look back and see a lot of wasted opportunity to create something amazing sooner.

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Say Something

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