Episode #63: Kirsten Womack (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

October 4

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

I am the hustle behind the muscle at Move With Mack.

My passion for health and fitness was birthed from my own health struggles which resulted in me enrolling in the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where I earned my certification as a Master Health Coach.

In 2016, I joined forces with my husband Clarence “Mack” (the Muscle) to bring a full spectrum of fitness training, health coaching and positive living education to our company, Move with Mack.

My credentials include:

  • Master Certified Health Coach
  • Certificate in Lifestyle and Weight Management
  • Certificate in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Issues
  • B.S. in Human Resource Management

I am living in my purpose… serving as a guide to women of a “certain age” as they embark on their journey to shed the physical and mental weight that has kept them from living their best healthy life.


Get Past Your Shit, Kirsten Womack

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