Episode #64: Tishia Lee (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

October 4

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

A diet school dropout, blogger and podcaster Tishia (Tish) Lee has embraced her body and went from self-hate to body positive plus-size model. She no longer hides because of her weight and takes up space boldly, loudly, and happily in a world that often criticizes big bodies. She believes all bodies are beautiful and uses her size to show others that they can do what society says “fat girls shouldn’t!” like hiking, dancing, modeling, and more.

She encourages women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology! She’s on a mission to help hurting women catch a glimpse of their true shining selves so they can live their best lives and never settle for less.

Her podcast, The Your Shining Self Podcast, shines a light on amazing women who have stories of hope, love, and transformation to share. You’ll hear conversations about women overcoming addiction, fertility issues, depression, and more!

Tish lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend and their goofy furry four-legged, cross-eyed, underbite, 70+ lb. pup Gary Lazereyes. She’s also mom to one kiddo, soon to be 22 year old Caleb.

A few fun, random facts about Tish: she loves pink, glitter, and all things sparkly :-)


Get Past Your Shit, Tishia Lee

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