Episode #47: Rosie Battista (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

October 6

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

Rosie Battista’s been passionately driven for decades to enhance others lives & businesses.

Believing we are each a unique reflection of God, waiting to reveal what we’re designed for, her mission is best summed up as: Wake Up, Uncover Your Gift, Present it to the World.

Rosie’s principles come from her life journey – uncovering & breaking out of her own limiting beliefs, until she felt the freedom to share more & more of her own inner gifts with the world.

The first dramatic break out was entering a body building competition at 50 then building the “Sleeping Naked After 40” franchise of three books, documentary, coaching classes, retreats & card deck.

Continuing to “wake up” after 40, she shares her growing intuitive wisdom with clients; helping strip away their limiting beliefs that kept them feeling small, off balance & disconnected from what they are uniquely designed to do.

These principles are shared as a box of gems she calls “Self Love You-Tensils & Spiritual Essentials.” These tools help you remember who you truly are – freeing you to create the life & business you desire.

With her new nickname as “The Queen of Card Decks”, she teaches & empowers people & businesses to share their gift & message as “bite sized, digestible nuggets of wisdom.” Her students create gorgeous decks that grow their biz, enhance client growth & increase revenue.

Rosie lives by the ideas that miracles happen everyday and anything is possible. Her courses, programs & retreats offer inspiration & insight for stepping onto the miraculous path of creativity, fun & happiness.


Get Past Your Shit, Rosie Battista

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