Episode #87: Jennifer Burke Wants You To Write Emails

December 14

For three years I ran a January email writing challenge I called I Dare You To Email. In 2020, I knew I had come to the end of my streak. It wasn’t at all that I didn’t enjoy running the challenge, I didn’t want to challenge myself to write 30 more unique email writing prompts. I shared I wouldn’t be running it again – and my friend Jennifer Burke knew right then – she wanted to pick up the reigns and keep it going!

Jennifer is perfect for this. She participated fully with all three challenges, putting them into action, building her own experience and perspectives along the way. I’m jazzed she is keeping the invitation open for others.

Register for the Write Your Damn Emails Challenge here. Use the coupon ACTION30 to save $30 during December.

This is a beautiful invitation to practice writing emails regularly, so that your email marketing becomes an easy habit to stick to. (And THAT is a huge gift to your business!)


Jennifer Burke

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