Episode #88: The Five (Ultra Simple) Biz Project Phases

February 28

This was a scrumptious conversation topic with my Momentum Coaching Mastermind peeps: The Five (Ultra Simple) Biz Project Phases

  • Preparation: Thinking, dreaming, planning, researching.
  • Execution: All the doing, creating & promoting.
  • Experience: All the moments, experiencing the way others experience what you’ve created.
  • Celebrate: You actually created something all the way from start to finish! Recognize how rare that is in this world!
  • Evaluate: What do the feels say? What went right, what felt off, what do you want to do differently? What do the numbers say? Conversion/sales, etc. So what, now what?

Listen in for expanded thoughts from me on each of these phases.

Questions for you to play with:

  • Do you get stuck in any of the above phases?
  • Do you skip any of them entirely?
  • Do you enjoy some phases way more than others and what might that mean for your future choices?


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