Episode #86: Are You More Of A Creator Or Consumer?

December 9

In creating the free resource, The Intentional Inbox, it’s been enlightening to talk with individuals who are willing to let me get a glimpse into their email inboxes. I offered a bribe (Amazon Gift Card) to a few people willing to join me in zoom and let me look into their inbox and ask questions about how they manage it.

One of the stands I take is this: Your inbox is an important space that impacts your time, energy and creativity every single day. Either it’s a well organized space that fosters you taking forward motion – or it’s an overwhelming stash of distraction that offers you an easy out from getting something real done.

I don’t suggest anyone with a messy inbox is a chronic procrastinator – heck, I realize some thrive on chaos. I DO suggest that anyone struggling with procrastination and lack of progress take a good look at their inbox habits. Could it possibly be creating an ongoing problem for you?

When I look at your inbox, is it going to tell me that you’re a Creator, someone who’s actively creating content and offers – or will it show me that you’re more of a Consumer, someone who’s spending more time consuming what other people create?

Important distinction isn’t it?

We’re all both Creator and Consumer – but if our Creator doesn’t come out to play more than our Consumer… we’re not growing the business we dream of as fast as we’d like to be.

Dig into The Intentional Inbox. (Accept my invitation to notice if you want to manage your email inbox differently!)


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