Episode #97: How Does Amy Murray Reach Her People?

January 30

This episode kicks off a new series where I talk with Creators who operate in all different niches, asking the question: “How do they reach their people?”

We all need to be able to answer that question. If we don’t have a plan to reach the right people for our offers, we’re sunk! It’s my hope, as I have conversations with all kinds of unique Creators, we’ll all get ideas and feel excited to tackle our own content marketing with fresh energy.

Amy Murray coaches women on how to understand hormonal cycles with an eye for Natural Birth Control and Fertility Awareness. She refers to a woman’s menstrual cycle as the ‘Fifth Vital Sign’ and I found a golden nugget in that conversation for sure! I also enjoyed how she points out that the 40 hour work week was designed by and for men. Women’s cycles make their experience of different days of the month so different. (Good reason to embrace entrepreneurship, so you can design a schedule and flow that’s perfect for you!)

Listen in and see if you don’t pick up some ideas for your own content creation – and if you’re a fertile woman, well – you’ll definitely enjoy hearing what Amy teaches about.

Mentioned on Today’s Episode:

  • Content Refresh Challenge
  • Want to join me for a retreat at the end of March 2023? Shoot me an email: (Kelly at LPAMM dot com)


Amy Murray

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