Episode #98: How Does Peggy O’Neal Reach Her People?

February 9

I love talking with entrepreneurs about how they are reaching the people they want to serve.

Peggy O’Neal has been coaching leaders in multi-national organizations throughout the world for more than 35 years after practicing law for 12, is a Certified Integral Master Coach, and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas.

In 2017 she immersed herself in the study of wisdom traditions, non-dual teachings and the corresponding science. She now guides people to see beyond the illusion of separation (which is what limits us) and to free themselves to live authentically and effortlessly as they serve their highest calling.

We had a great chat about how she’s using a free 90 minute workshop to attract and serve the right people. We talked about other content marketing ideas she can start using as soon as possible too!


Peggy O'Neal

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