Episode #96: Tanya Smith Wants You To Be Seen & Heard

January 30

Tanya Smith of Get Noticed With Video is a passionate Content Creator – my favorite kind of podcast guest!

Tanya says this on her website…

“I believe that every woman coach/creator has the right to be seen and heard – online and offline, regardless of skin color, age, gender, physical abilities. There are no boundaries to our creative energy and video is the vehicle to carry our voices where they can be noticed and respected. My mission is to be an encourager; to help my clients see possibilities with video marketing they otherwise would have missed.”

I loved spending more time with Tanya for this episode. We talked about how she ended up focusing on video, how her brand has developed over the years and her passion for creating a powerful space for others.

Connect with Tanya on YouTube.

My Co-Host in this episode is Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo. (Our 2022 Stretch Yourself Challenge Community Star!)


Jennifer Burke, Tanya Smith

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