Episode #103: Why TikTokers Want A Website

April 25

In my last episode I take the stand that All Creators Want A Website and now I want to zoom in on TikTok Creators.

I am endlessly fascinated by Creators who have build giant followings – and my heart aches for how few of them have taken the step of creating their own website.

TikTok is a social platform. It’s moving sand under your feet at best! I invite you to consider how important it is to set up your own home on the web as early as possible.

Your own website can be an amazing expression of you. It’s a space you have 100% control over. Make it look exactly like you want, say exactly what you want, truly BE yourself with no character limits!

There are many options for building a website. My preference is WordPress and I recommend my own Mom Webs Hosting to get started.

As important as having your own website, you also want to build a mailing list community – inviting every visitor to drop their name and email so that you can visit them in their inbox with more of the wonderfulness you offer. (Personally, I recommend ConvertKit for email list building!)

Objection: I Don’t Know What To Put On A Website

Your Home Page can serve as the central communication hub for everything you want to highlight for your people so think of it as a dynamic space that you update regularly.

For sure have an About ME page. After all the pain of trying to describe yourself in tiny social platform bio sections, you get to finally say all you want to say about yourself.

Depending on your focus as a Creator you may want to have a Media Information page.

Every website needs a page with basic contact info and privacy policies. (Since I teach on business, I also have to include an earnings disclaimer.)

I maintain a Tools I Use page for all of the products I recommend often. (Great for affiliate marketing.)

Once your basic website has been created, I hope you think about starting to blog and podcast!

Objection: Blogging? What? I’m a Video Creator.

I get it – you’ve built all of your content via video and that’s great. Maybe I’ll never turn you onto blogging – but I would like you to imagine how cool it would be to express some of your best ideas in writing as well.  Even if you simply published transcripts of your favorite videos along with the embedded video – that’s be so cool.

Imagine this though… you’ve shared big ideas and deep thoughts in 3 minutes videos. You’ve published multi-part series because 3 minutes just isn’t enough. Wouldn’t you like to take your time and cover your ideas with greater depth and detail?  Some of the topics you cover are sooo very important and deserve greater expression.

Objection: Podcasting? Eeeks – audio only?

Well no – some podcasts are video too and OMG I think you’d be amazed at how a podcast could compliment what you’re doing and expand your reach into other arenas!

Objection: I Don’t Think People Will Go To A Website

Some people say folks just don’t want to leave the social platforms so promoting a website is a waste of time. It’s true that the platforms are designed to keep them there but it’s BS that we can’t woo them away. If from the very beginning (or from today) you regularly invite your followers to join you in your own space, the most engaged will do it.

Objection: Can’t I Just Use a Link Tree?

Many TikTok Creators are using a link service to create their ‘website’. It’s better than nothing but I sigh when I see it.  I know an actual website would be far more effective. There’s always so much more to be said and shown than these wee link trees can accomplish.

Objection: I Don’t Know How!

For sure, setting up a website for the first time can be daunting – but listen now… if you are serious about building a business as a Creator, you gotta deal with it. Learning curves are everywhere and you can conquer them when they’re important enough to your long term goals. Agreed? And help IS available. Goodness, there are YouTube tutorials for everything under the sun!

Are you a TikToker thinking about starting your first website? Grab a free 30 minute chat session with me to talk ideas and see how I can help you!


All Creators Want A Website

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