Episode #104: Don’t Leave Good Ideas On Social Media

May 1

I’ve been sharing about how All Creators Want A Website and I know YOU already know that, right? I mean I’m pretty sure almost everyone in my community are already on the ‘I want a Website’ bus 🚌

The content arc (Banner Message) that I’m focused on right now is aimed at Creators who are publishing all their stuff on social platforms.Β  Platforms like TikTok (which I covered in the last episode of the podcast), YouTube, Instagram & Twitch – which I’ll cover in coming weeks.

I want to win these Creator’s hearts over to the value of having a website of their own – a space they can control!

WE already know how important this is… but have you found yourself sharing more and more of your ideas on social media and NOT bringing it back for a fuller expression on your website?

In the ‘old days’ before the big social platforms took over, we’d have an idea we want to share and we’d go into content creation mode. We’d shape an article, get a blog post going, record a podcast, etc.

So often today, when a person has an idea – they take it straight to Facebook or Insta. They share a the idea in it’s ‘lite’ form – because who wants to read something long on social?

I’m not against this by the way – it’s cool to have a space for easy sharing and quick interaction.

But have you made the mistake of leaving it at that?

Yeah – I’m inviting you to think of this as a MISTAKE 😳

Listen, if you posted an idea or topic on social and got engagement – celebrate that for sure – and THEN bring the topic back to your own website so that it can work for you there too.

Having the content on your own site gives you space to…

  • Go deeper on the idea. Say more than you shared on social. You’ve got all the space you need.
  • If your ideas gained lots of engagement on social, include favorite comments as quotes.
  • Add a branded image.
  • Cross link to other relevant content on your website.
  • Incorporate affiliate links to anything appropriate.
  • Make a solid call to action at the end – for sure invite them onto your mailing list.
  • Give the content solid SEO attention.

I challenge you, if you’ve been sharing good stuff on social – go give your timelines a review and see if you don’t spot a few things that truly deserve to be brought home.

Find those ‘lite’ treatments that deserve fuller expression.

If you did go long on social, still bring it back to your site!

So many great items of content have come out of your mind/heart/soul and I bother myself a little that they’re languishing in the archives of a social platform never to be seen again.

I want your brilliance and creativity to be shining for you in an evergreen space you own – easy for you to share and link to anytime.

Does this get you thinking a bit about whether your current website represents you well?Β  I hope so!!


All Creators Want A Website

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