Episode #109: Let It Be Easy & Revisit Favorite Topics

July 16

Why do we like to hear things more than once?

Can you imagine if we heard a great song, enjoyed it – but never listened to it again?

We love it more the second time we listen and so long as it doesn’t get completely overplayed, we enjoy it every time it comes on – and intentionally listen to it as often as we want.

Years later, when a favorite song comes on – we float back in time and savor the sweetness that this familiar tune brings.

These days, there are a lot of things we like to enjoy more than once.

We binge TV programs and movie series we’ve seen before – at least some of us do.

We know most of it already but sometimes we’ve forgotten some details​ or notice something new.

For me, it’s ‘comfort viewing’ when I decide to watch something again.

Know this: There are things your people want to hear from you again. There are some topics they can’t get enough of – and even if they’ve heard it all before, there’s something about the way you say it that lights them up.

Of course, if you haven’t expressed your best ideas yet, I hope you are getting ready to. My Banner Message Design training can be a huge help.

This summer, if you’re finding it tough to create new content and stay engaged with your people – return to a favorite topic. Re-share content you’ve published already. Make deals/offers on already existing resources.

Let me know what you decide to revisit đź’•


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