Episode #108: I Am Afraid Of Rejection Too

July 9

I had an epiphany this evening and I want to share it with you.

Here goes: I am afraid of rejection!

LOL! You might not think so if you’ve been in the community very long. I put myself out there a lot and someone observing my might think I’m 100% comfortable in doing so.

Truthfully, I’ve been great at demonstrating bravado. I’ve convinced even myself most of the time that I’m not afraid or that none of it bothers me – but that’s not the truth.

It hit me solidly in the heart that I AM afraid of rejection AND that acknowledging that fear is empowering, not disempowering.

I recorded this episode with video as well because I’m talking about my fear of being rejected for my weight – so I need you to SEE ME.

What are you afraid of being rejected for?

  • Weight?
  • Age?
  • Looks?
  • Disability?
  • Otherness?

I invite you to FEEL that fear. Befriend that fear. Owning it feels really freaking powerful to me right now.

If you can’t imagine that for even a moment, I’d love the chance to coach you. Reach out if that sounds good.

Looking for ways to step out afraid?

Register for my Stretch Yourself Challenge 🥰


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