Episode #35: Marie-Claire Ashcroft Believes In Unicorns

October 24

My conversation with Marie-Claire Ashcroft turned into the most amazing session about being real in your content. It isn’t every day I meet someone who is this willing to be vulnerable. I loved talking with her about how she is creating content that matters.

Listen and feel inspired to chuck all the nonsense to the curb and just share yourself with others!

What Marie-Claire says about herself:

I have a background in low self esteem and I spent my life doing what other people expected me to until I was lost and depressed. I picked up a camera. And well, the journey since then has been quite an epic one – not smooth in any sense, but definitely well worth it. I used a camera to overcome my confidence issues. I used photography to find out who I was. I used my creativity to explore emotions and heal childhood trauma. I created a business where I get to be myself. And by being myself, I’ve met people who have felt exactly the same way I did growing up, and I get to help them feel better about themselves too.

I think my favourite topic is helping people realise how awesome they are. If we can help people feel good – about life, about themselves, about who they are – they can send ripples of awesomeness and joy out into the world and make it a better place for everyone. But if any other part of my application is of interest, then happy to chat about that!

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