Episode #34: The Content & Community Guarantee

October 6

This successful business I am blessed to operate has been built on the twin foundations of Content and Community. My experiences in building a community around content, for myself and with clients, gives me confidence to offer you a rock solid guarantee.

You cannot spend time with your people and not end up creating inspired content. The reverse is also true. You cannot create inspired content and not end up spending time with your people.

Well, let me hold on there and offer up a stopper… you could create amazing content and if you never share it – it could be darned hard for your people to find you.

Let’s talk about that on this episode ❤

It’s been amazing this past six weeks or so, instead of upper limiting I’ve breathed through and leaned into my willingness to grow. It’s feels great to not be sabotaging!  I’m going to share some of this with you as well.

Mentioned in this Episode:


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