Episode #94: Jennifer Burke Is Our 2022 Community Star

January 14

This week I’m talking with Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo.

During the 2022 Stretch Yourself Challenge, I asked the community to pay attention to the people around them who seem to exemplify positive community participation. While many wonderful people were nominated in the end, Jennifer stood out with the most mentions – and I’m not surprised. Jennifer always brings the best energy and supportive curiosity to everything she participates in.

We’re talking about leaning into doing the work we love most and what we do when we find ourselves doing something we don’t love so much anymore.

As business owners, we are the ONLY one’s who can really create a future we are excited to pursue. Taking the reins, listening to our dreams, following our curiosity, trimming away what doesn’t work anymore… we CAN do it!

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Jennifer Burke

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