Episode #93: Always, Always, Always Give Attribution

September 23

In this little episode I want to share one of my Content Creation Values: I always give attribution.

Giving attribution is simply telling your reader/listener/viewer where you learned or discovered something.

It’s a value I hold for several good reasons.

  • I value learning and appreciate those I’ve learned from.
  • I believe that giving attribution is kind & considerate.
  • Giving attribution is a great way to make a connection with something I admire.

Some people fear that giving attribution could make them seem less smart but that can be shaken off right now. Giving attribution shows confidence!

Giving attribution doesn’t take away from my years of experience and all of the perspective I’ve gained from implementing what I learned. But I still give credit to the originator of the idea.

Whether I’m having a one on one chat with a coaching client or I’m speaking from a stage to a large group, if I share something I’ve learned from someone else, I give the credit. This can be as simple as saying, ‘I got this idea from Cindy Bidar’s podcast.’ or ‘I read this in Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap.’

If I’m creating content for publication, I take the time to link to my learning sources.

Example: In this post about Cross Blog Conversations, something I’ve done for over a decade now – I link to Liz Strauss because she’s who I first heard about the practice from. I may have boat loads of experience and have been teaching about it for years – but I’ll never stop giving her credit for the creativity.

You can always give attribution and links wherever you’ve published and if you’re realizing just now that you’ve missed some chances, it’s never too late to go back and add them ;)

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