Episode #74: The AMA Content Creation Strategy

April 1

This week I’m sharing a tried and true content strategy that I implemented with a fun twist recently.

AMA means Ask Me Anything. You’ll find lots of great AMA threads over on Reddit. Everyone from the famous to the infamous step up to open threads where they invite people to share their questions.  It never fails to lead to engaging content.

The idea of opening yourself up for questions is definitely not new, but I did find a way to make it more interesting and I’m sharing my process with you on the show – so listen in!

One of the challenges, especially for those with smaller communities – or so new they have none at all – is WHO do you get to ask you a question?  Well, you have to get creative!

My idea includes fostering a sense of mystery and the promise of an unknown prize ❤

I come up with ten gifts I was willing to give away. I wrote them on a sticky note, folded hem over and stuck them up on the wall. I shared that I’d pull the prizes down one at time for every person who submitted a mindset question over the weekend.

This is the image I posted on social and included in my email to get attention.

To say this worked well is spot on. It got attention and pulled in a great bunch of questions from my community. A few people posted their questions on my social posts but the majority posted through the form I set up, in case you’re wondering.

I answered the questions one by one on video, it was easy and fun for me to be so in the moment with the topics that came in.

I’m thrilled with the results. I received more than the ten questions I was hoping for and that has led to meaty items of content.

The first AMA item has been published on the blog here and more are coming soon.

Every video/blog post is evergreen in nature. They’ll be shared on social media in a rotating pattern and I’ll certainly be referring back to them from other content as well. One fun weekend is going to have a long standing impact on my content marketing.

Try This Yourself!

After seeing what I was up to, my friend Maruxa Murphy let me know she planned to play around with the same theme, prize and all! (I freaking love it when my smart friends decide to try my ideas on for size.)

Maruxa Reported In:

The AMA was FANTASTIC! We engaged with 11 people, prizes have gone out AND now I have about 70 mins of video content from it. We are going to get the Otter transcripts, use them as part of our copy of IG, FB and LI and then use the videos for the FB group plus add them into our autoresponder rotation  So goooood!”

If you do give this one a try yourself, please let me know about it ❤


Exposure For My Content, Maruxa Murphy

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