Episode #106: YouTubers Want A Website

May 3

In this episode I’m continuing my series (a Banner Message) about how All Creators Want A Website.

Today I focus on speaking to YouTubers.

YouTube is friendlier to a Creators need to include links than TikTok or some other social platforms. I did notice they’ve started to ask you to jump through a hoop to include an outbound link in your description if you’ve got a brand new channel – but it’s not a tough hoop so it’s still easy to get rolling.

Having a website gives you valuable space to show up the way you want.

When I publish a video to YouTube, I also publish it to my website. See this example:

The video on YouTube has the chance to be viewed by subscribers and discovered by YouTube users via search or suggestion. The video posted to my own website is what I’ll link to from an email to my community and what I’ll share on social platforms. If I’m going to drive the traffic directly, I’ll always choose to bring people back to my branded website over sending them over to another platform.

Brian G. Johnson, a YouTube pro who definitely has a website, has something to say about this:

He’s so smart! Basically, he’s saying if you’re serious about making an income from your YouTube Channel – have a website. If you’re just playin’ – don’t fret about it. I agree.

If you’ve been building a YouTube Channel and haven’t had a website presence for it, I hope this lights you up to create one.  I invite you to check out Mom Webs Hosting to get started!



All Creators Want A Website, Brian G. Johnson

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