Episode #41: Three Ways To Break Out Of That Funk

April 7

Are you in a business funk? Here are 3 strategies for breaking through. #solopreneur #solopreneurs #business #mindset #businessmindset #businesssuccess

After all these years I love my business more than ever but from what I can see, that isn’t true for everyone.

Some of my business friends seem to get stuck along the way.

Maybe technology overwhelms them. Maybe they get mired down by all of the different marketing skills they feel they need to know all about.  Maybe something they wanted badly ended up in failure.  Maybe they got their feelings hurt by someone and lost their ability to trust others.  There are so many ways to get stuck in a funk.

Fortunately, there are just as many ways to get unstuck – if you’re determined to do so.

Strategy One: Teach Someone Something

It’s easy to get a bit jaded in the internet marketing game.  I’ve felt my share of ‘been there done that’ boredom.  The best cure for this by far is to reach out and help someone who is still trying to learn the ropes.

When I’m coaching or even when I’m having a conversation with a friend who wants to know more about what I do – I feel stirred up.  All the sudden, what seemed a bit dull takes on new flavor.

You don’t have to be a guru to teach someone else something useful. (Look at me!)  If you’ve learned some of the basics, you can share some of your experience with a newbie.  (By the way, ‘Newbie‘ is not a dirty word in my book!.)

Strategy Two: Brain Dump

This is a time tested tool for the overwhelmed business owner.  When  you feel like you can’t possibly fit one more thing in your brain – it’s time to give it a break.  Grab a pad of paper (or use a word processor) and start spilling every thought and idea in your head onto the paper.  Don’t judge what you’re writing – just dump it all.

When you’ve run out of things to write – take a break.  Have a cup of coffee.  Call a friend.  Go for a walk.  Take a nap.  Whatever works to clear your mind and let it ‘reset’.

Now come back to your notes and start processing the ideas. Need help deciding what to do first and next? My Ideas in Order course helps!

Strategy Three: Forgive People

Has someone let you down?  Did a partner fail to hold up on their end of a project?  Did a confidant take unfair advantage of secrets shared?  Did a client bad mouth you?

People can really suck sometimes.

But – what is life without people?

If someone has hurt you – the very best thing you can do is forgive them.  When you think about it, holding a grudge usually hurts you more than the other person anyways.   Letting bitterness find a home in your heart is bad news.

I’m not suggesting that you forget what someone did.  You can remember and act accordingly where that person is concerned.  You can certainly learn something from your experiences and become a wiser business woman because of them.  Just realize you can do all of this and still forgive the people who caused you harm.

With these three strategies – you can get a fresh start and outlook on your business.

  • Teaching others gets you fired up.
  • Doing a brain dump gives you clarity of thought.
  • Forgiving others frees your heart.
Imagine what a fired up, clear thinking, open hearted woman can do!

There are surely dozens of other great strategies for overcoming a funk.  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments area below.


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