Episode #45: Show Us How You Rock Your Gear

July 17

Whatever your community and whatever your business type, you use gear.

All the tools and software and stuff that make things work for you.

Have you ever compiled a list and made it easy to access?

Here’s my very simple example, a list of tools I use, some hardware, some software.

People stumble upon it when they visit my website and I see affiliate commission notifications as a result.  Other times I expressly share it in conversations where someone asks we what I use for this or that.

It’s a tiny project to undertake, so I hope you’ll decide to make it happen! You won’t regret having it ready to share.

A mini gear list can accompany all sorts of content too, now that I think about it.  I once had a well ranked blog post about teaching kids how to crochet. I added a recommended gear list to the post itself with links to child hand friendly crochet hooks, yarn barns, craft supply storage items and simple pattern sets. It worked great!

Let me know how you decide to implement on this ❤


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