Episode #56: Nicole Dean (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

October 3

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

Business Consultant / Mentor and All Around Awesome Human, Nicole Dean (that’s me) educates and empowers entrepreneurs to create kick ass businesses so they can live life with no regrets.

In the business world, I’ve sold millions of dollars online. (Both for myself and my clients.)

I help un-trap entrepreneurs who are stuck in their businesses to rediscover how to make running their business fun, easy and profitable. The utmost goal is to have fun and earn a lot of money while making the web and the world a better place.

Endlessly curious, always exploring and learning, I am beyond thankful that I was brave enough to start my business way back in 2004.

I live for my family. Beyond that, I love reading, writing, cooking (lots of veggies), getting fresh air (paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, biking, spelunking), traveling, seeing theatre (usually musicals), gardening (specifically growing stuff I can eat like herbs), animal rescue, orphan (kids) rescue, home decor / reno, doing yoga WHILE traveling, going to museums, looking at the stars (Orion and Crux make me swoon), and learning all the things.

Life is so magical and short and full of beauty and wonder. Why on earth wouldn’t you create a business that allows you to live it to the fullest? That is my wish for you.

We talked about Stephen Hawking being an inspiration to Nicole. Here’s a picture of her when she got to attend an event with him live.


Get Past Your Shit, Nicole Dean

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