Episode #27: Megan Walrod Creates Great Content From High Energy

August 5

Megan Walrod is my guest this week and it’s a conversation I’ve looked forward to for quite some time. She caught my attention online in a big way when she picked up and went to live in Uganda for several months. I knew she had to be up to something powerful and turns out, she usually is!

Megan is the Founder of Live Your Yes, LLC, an award-winning author, copywriter and business coach. Over the past decade she has supported hundreds of women entrepreneurs build profitable and purposeful businesses. She’s supported clients in having $6- and multiple-$7-figure launches; write books and chapters for compilation books (one of those books won multiple awards); and share stories that touched the lives of thousands.

Megan encourages her clients to Live Their Yes, knowing that when we live an inspired life, we create more success for everyone, including ourselves.

I learned some great stuff from her in our time together and especially loved what she shared about creating content while in a certain energy – so there is energy IN the content when your readers/listeners are experiencing it.

Connect with Megan at MeganWalrod.com

The book Megan co-wrote with the girls of Girl Up Initiative Uganda: We Have Something To Say

Something very cool, all proceeds of the book go directly to Girl Up Initiative Uganda.


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