Episode #48: Lane Therrell (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

October 3

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

Lane Therrell wants to live in a world where everyone is inspired and empowered to heal completely– in body mind and spirit. And she’s doing her part to bring that heartfelt desire into reality.

Lane is a holistically focused board-certified family nurse practitioner with a background in integral coaching. She’s certified in Healing Touch and reads Akashic Records.

Lane’s abilities and expertise with energy healing and other holistic and integrative techniques are especially helpful for those who are putting their lives together in the aftermath of a disruptive life event or trauma. If you’ve survived something (including life itself), and wish to restore your best health, put your mind at ease, and live a life in balance filled with everyday blessings and miracles, Lane can guide you on your journey.

In the aftermath of surviving domestic violence, Lane said YES to her own health and happiness. Now she helps others do the same. You’re always welcome in Lane’s world.


Get Past Your Shit, Lane Therrell

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