Episode #82: Dan Morris Wants You To Podcast

October 3

My guest is Dan Morris and the topic is the 2021 Podcasters Kit which is open October 3rd thru the 9th. (Sorry, the sale is in the past! If you’ve missed the ordering window, this is still a great conversation for anyone interested in podcasting to listen in on.)

Dan organizes this event every year with his partner (and wife) Rachel Marie Martin. They’ve created the ultimate podcaster’s tool kit and you get everything for one low price – but it’s only available for one week!

I love Dan & Rachel, having known them for years. They’ve spoken at several of my life in person events and been a great blessing to my life. You’re going to be glad you got the chance to know them AND of course you’re going to be glad you picked up such an amazing resource.

Podcaster’s Kit includes trainings that cover important areas for new and exiting podcasters:

  • Show Host Skills
  • Discoverability & Audience Growth
  • Podcast Tools & Experts You Can Hire
  • Making Money With Your Podcast



Dan Morris

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