Episode #79: Therese & Anni Invite You To Create What You Want

August 4

Therese Sparkins and Anni Boyum have been incredible influences in my life and I’m tickled to have them on the podcast together.

My journey towards creating more of what I want in life started with a Radical Leadership retreat and a spontaneous road trip with Therese. She encouraged me to tune in to what I wanted and ask for it until it felt normal for me. I’m grateful for the experience and want it for everyone – that’s why I encouraged (pestered) her to offer the Create What You Want Workshop.

The workshop takes you through four sessions with lots of interaction, all designed to help you get back in touch with what YOU want:

  • What Happened to Your ‘Wanter’?
  • Why you keep getting what you don’t want
  • Uncover what it is that you REALLY want
  • The magic of asking for want you want and being unattached

Therese and Anni together are an invitation to discover and create more of what you want in the world and your next opportunity is coming up soon!

Join the next Create What You Want Workshop here. (Use the code TheKellySpecial to save 50%!)

Check for the next Radical Leadership retreat dates here.


Anni Boyum, Therese Sparkins

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