Episode #43: Back To Basics With Cindy Bidar

June 25

In this episode I’m talking with Cindy Bidar about her new course: Back To Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan. Some products seen to me to show up at the perfect time and this is one of them.

She’s created a step-by-step plan that takes you from no clue to business owner FAST. She asks just the right questions to help you choose your business model and your niche, identify your ideal client, and even build your business brand and assets. 

At the end of 6 easy lessons, you’ll have:

  • A proven business model (she’s even included an assessment to help you nail down your primary AND secondary business models for smoother cash flow)
  • A niche you’re excited about (I love the way she helps narrow down your choices here)
  • A brand that speaks to your ideal client (no more overthinking this piece!)
  • A website and other critical business assets (I promise, you’ll spend no more than a weekend on this one)

And—most importantly—you’ll have a marketing plan for your new business that actually works. 

Get your access to Back To Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan here.

Cindy and I co-host an amazing distraction free conversation space called Mastermind Hub. Come join us there and use the code ‘Kelly’ to get your $79 membership 100% free. 

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Cindy Bidar

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