Do You Inspire People To Action?

March 16

Unless we inspire action, we're just twiddling out thumbs. Are you inspiring action? #solopreneur #solopreneurs #business #startingonlinebusiness #mindset #businessmindset #businesssuccess

We only make money when we inspire someone to take an action that we want them to take – whether that is to click a link, sign up for an offer, buy an affiliate product, purchase one of our own products or hire us to perform a service…

[tbpquotable]Unless we inspire action, we’re just twiddling our thumbs.[/tbpquotable]

Some might think that inspiring someone is the major issue – but it’s not.  Inspiration alone is not enough.

To inspire is to ‘arouse the mind to an idea or concept‘ and that is a great first step for anyone, right?

If you’re a virtual assistant in need of new clients, you want to arouse a potential client’s mind to the concept that working with a VA is advantageous to them.

If you learn to communicate well and present solid information, you can surely inspire someone to want to work with a VA.  But, is that enough? We Wish! LOL!

It is not enough to inspire an idea, you have to inspire confidence.

Let me tell you a story from 2006.

I had a great conversation with a budding online business owner.  I shared with her all the positives that come with having an ongoing relationship with a good business coach.  She listened with great interest and growing excitement.  When we hung up I felt certain that she’d be my next client :)  I knew I had inspired her!

But days and weeks passed and I heard nothing.

Then, six months later, she attended one of my Hot Seminar Series events and stayed after while several of us chatted casually.  She spoke up and told me she wanted to thank me for something.

She said that I had totally inspired her to work with a business coach, that she had hired a gal right after speaking to me and had been working with her regularly since to great success!

Well… pfft!

I inspired her alright.  To hire someone else!  But why?

Looking back, I realized that in her eyes – I didn’t have the experience she needed.  I inspired her to work with a business coach, but I didn’t inspire confidence in my ability to meet her needs.

She was picking up on my lack of confidence.

I was just set free from the day job after running my business part time for four years.  Sure, I knew some things – but I didn’t have enough of a track record to inspire a lot of confidence or action.  In well known circles, my achievements earned me respect – but that circle wasn’t very large.

Ten years later, my circles are larger and my credibility is far more established.  I haven’t forgotten the lesson though.  When I meet someone new, they have no clue as to my experience or success – I have to be able to communicate it AND inspire action.

I’ll Admit Something Scary:

Some days I still feel completely puny and awkward and totally fail at inspiring action.

Thankfully, that’s not every day ;)

I’d be bonkers if I didn’t invite you to explore my coaching options – so please DO!


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