You Don’t Have To Shave Your Head, But Do SOMETHING!

August 19

When I took a Stand for St. Baldrick’s and shaved my head live at Exposure & Profit 5, something super cool happened. One of my friends ALSO decided to be shaved.

That’s how powerful it can be to Take a Stand.

When you take a stand, you become an Invitation to others.

You can’t control whether they accept it – but it’s there.

A whole lot of generous people stepped up to make a donation to St. Baldricks. (By the way, you still can!)

It blesses my socks off that Paul Taubman (Digital Maestro) took up the Invitation and took a Stand of his own.  His spontaneous bravery boosted the fundraiser and gave St. Baldrick’s more attention than I could have attracted on my own.

I would love my Stand to be an Invitation to you as well.

I don’t want you to shave your head – unless you want to ;)  I just want you to do SOMETHING!

Take a risk. Be ballsy.  Make a splash for something you care about!

If you don’t, who will?

I talked about this on a livestream this week. Here’s an embedded replay:

If you don’t know what you’d like to take a Stand for – or if you do and want guidance in developing a Banner Message that jazzes up your content marketing, sign up for my Banner Message Design Training.



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