Writing A Long Form Blog Post Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

February 15

KarinCrompton.comWhat is keeping you from writing that blog post you’ve been putting off writing?

Is it…

  • Fear of judgment from others or writing something your audience won’t value?
  • Feelings of insecurity in your writing skills?
  • Feeling the need to have perfect writing out of the gate? Or the need to have everything worked out in your head before writing anything down?
  • Not having enough time?
  • Having too many ideas at one time and not knowing where to start?
  • Being unable to come up with new things to write about daily?

Your audience wants and needs to hear from you. Please don’t let your fear or feelings keep you from putting your ideas, opinions, and thoughts down in writing. It’s time to take action, but where should you start?

Help Is On The Way

The list of reasons why you don’t share your genius with the world can be daunting and overwhelming, but what if you had a guideline that could help put your thoughts and ideas in writing?

Friend, writer, editor, and story coach, Karin Crompton says…

You can learn to write. You can learn to write well. All you need are some style guidelines to follow consistently and some building blocks that provide you the framework for creating a solid story.

In her post titled How to Rock a Long-Form Blog Post, Karin points out that many people feel intimidated by writing. Certainly, fear can play a part in the writing process, but I think Karin’s approach to what stops us in our tracks, is that writing can indeed feel very overwhelming and intimidating.

Instead of looking at the entire overwhelming writing project, Karin shares how to break the process down into actionable steps that make it easier to complete something you will be proud to publish.

Guess what? Though following important grammar rules is important, Karin isn’t even a real stickler for perfect grammar etiquette. Whew, that alone was a great stress relief for me.

Many of the page testimonials stated they are bookmarking her article for future reference. I have done the same.

If you are serious about wanting to be a better writer or blogger then I highly encourage you to read Karin’s post. Give yourself a treat. Learn some great tips on writing a great story that your readers are waiting to read.


Karin Crompton

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