Wouldn’t It Be Plagiarizing To Use PLR Content?

People new to PLR often ask if they need to worry about being accused of plagiarizing when they use Brandable Content.

This isn’t something to worry about. Private label rights content is created with the understanding that customers will use it on their own website and in their marketing materials. PLR sellers are delighted to come across their content on various websites.

The underlying concern is that your reader may find the some content on another site and thus think you’ve copied or they’ve copied you.  Sure, this could happen. It’s rare though and it’s not something I let stop me from using PLR content.  That said, there are so many ways to use PLR that don’t involve publishing directly to your site, if you still concerns, consider using it in emails or turning it into audio or video content where it’s far less likely to be recognized.

Of course, if you add your own stories and opinions, the PLR you use will stand out as unique in most situations.

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