What is PLR?

Private Label Rights (PLR) is content you can re-brand and use as your own, even sell it to others for their personal use.

Sometimes, PLR is called “White Label Content”, “Readymade Content”, or “Done for You Content”. My personal favorite term is ‘Brandable Content’.

If you’re not sure about what rights come with your content, look for a license document that usually comes with the content.  If you can’t find that, ask the seller. They’ll be happy to help you.

Note: Some Brandable Content comes with MRR (Master Resale Rights) which means you can extend PLR rights to others when you sell or give it away.  You might see this marketed as ‘Resale PLR’.

I create and market PLR through several projects I’m proud of:

Some of my favorite PLR Seller/Partners are:

Are you totally new to the idea of PLR?

I teach a Brandable Content Workshop you’d really benefit from.


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