What are the benefits of using PLR? I mean, shouldn’t I just write it myself?

December 18

What are the benefits of using PLR? Shouldn’t I just write it myself? 

Great question! There are so many benefits to using PLR. Here are a just a few of the benefits.

Using PLR saves you time. You could spend 3-6 hours writing and editing just one report or blog post series. That’s before you factor in the time it takes to format your content, schedule it, and promote it on social media.

But if you use PLR, you can take a content pack and turn it into a post series or PDF report in less than an hour. This lets you boost your productivity so you can publish even more content for your hungry community.

Not only do you save time creating content, you also have content that your community will enjoy. After all, you’ve probably spent hours working on a single blog post that you thought was amazing only to receive a lackluster response from your community.

PLR providers have spent years learning to predict what’s hot in various niches. That means you don’t have to guess what your community wants—the PLR seller has already figured that out for you.

I create and market PLR through several projects I’m proud of:

Some of my favorite PLR Seller/Partners are:

Are you totally new to the idea of PLR?

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