Video Content Strategies That Worked For Us (In 2023!)

March 13

I remember when video first started to call our names – I wanted to run and hide! I liked being the unseen voice behind a podcast and blog.  Can anyone relate?

Ultimately, I overcame the fear of being seen and got comfortable with video. (Thankfully!)

Video IS an important content marketing strategy and I thought it’d be super useful to reach out to the community to discover which video content strategies are working in 2023?

Answers came in from a great bunch of experts and you know, I’d love to to add your own comments below too.

Michele Moreno

The gold standard we all aim for are dynamic, concise and inspiring videos that showcase your expertise and make viewers want to take the next step with you.

And here’s how to get there.

  • Learn the challenges and struggles of your ideal audience, then
  • Provide ways to get them out of struggle and moving toward their dreams.

Ask ideal clients about their struggles, dreams and what they want to learn.

You can do surveys, phone interviews, Polls in LinkedIn or Facebook groups, and more.

Gather the top 10 most frequently asked questions and/or top struggles, then provide hope, meaning, a clear path, action steps, solutions or inspiration that answer their questions and challenges.

When viewers are taken out of overwhelm or get inspiration, solutions and hope, they will love you.

Tell a story, talk about clients you’ve helped, go behind the scenes, offer statistics then analyze, do a live laser coaching session — there are so many ways to create an experience.

Just before you hit record or go live, imagine your ideal client in the EXACT situation you are about to solve. Imagine they’re desperate for what you’re about to say then GO!

I challenge you to truly empathize with your audience because: Endless empathy will bring you endless ideas and enthusiasm.

When your video content is highly relevant to your ideal client, and you deliver it with the empathy and care you give when serving clients, your audience will FEEL something.

And that’s when they’ll be moved to take your call to action.

And go forth with video confidence!

With credits on hit TV shows, Michele Moreno teaches secrets from the acting world so business leaders can build trust and connect powerfully on camera. Learn more about her at

Lou Bortone

Video is obviously a very powerful marketing tool that has even more impact in a post-pandemic world.

In fact, the only thing more powerful than video is personalized video.  Video personalization is a growing trend, and an excellent way to connect and engage with your customers, colleagues and prospects.

Video email has been a video content strategy that has made a huge difference for my business.  My V-Mails have a 75% open rate and the response is amazing.

I use tools like Loom, SendSpark and Warm Welcome for my personal video (one-to-one) outreach.  These powerful, but affordable, video tools even give you the ability to embed a clickable Call-To-Action, so the viewer knows exactly what to do next.

Personalized and customized videos are my favorite (and most effective) video content strategy.

Lou Bortone, known as The Video Godfather, has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube in 2005 & has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their revenues. He’s a popular speaker, author, and ghostwriter of six business books. He’s also the author of “Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video.”  You can learn more about Lou at

Brenda Adelman

I feel really lucky that before I became an entrepreneur I was an actress in Los Angeles because I took several classes on how to act for TV, commercials and film & acted in all of those mediums.

Using video for business was natural for me because I already knew how to be comfortable on camera, look my best, sound good and connect with my audience.

I combine what I learned as an actress & a professional storyteller to my video strategy successfully and I’ll give you some quick tips in a minute that will help you.

But first here are video content strategies that have worked for me to grow my list and make sales….

I use videos in a short video tips series (each video is on a different topic under one theme) Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Your Mother, Forgiving Your Father and Forgiving God. This series grew my list by hundreds of people when I first started my online part of my business and was focused on forgiveness.

When I shifted to teaching storytelling for stage I created a 3 part FREE Video series, Tell Your Story. Heal Yourself. Create More Wealth. Each video is a 10-15 minute in depth exploration on a different topic and is part of a launch sequence into a Storytelling Program that sells for $500- $1000. I provide a lot of value in each video. They are talking head videos so the audience gets to know me.

I expanded to teaching entrepreneurs how to be confident on video and created my 5 Day FREE Challenge: Charisma on Camera- which is now a paid product (I showed my personality as I am teaching in the videos and then paired it with a FB group and emails to grow my list and move into the launch of my higher end program Your Unforgettable Presence.

Quick Tips:

  1. Use storytelling in your videos- don’t just tell the facts. Stories make you memorable
  2. Have your videos be conversational – talk to a real person in your mind vs a metal object.
  3. Allow your personality to shine through
  4. Wear a color that you love and looks great on you.

Brenda Adelman’s been interviewed on over 200 media outlets including CBS, FOX TV, NPR and Reinvention Radio. She’s an award-winning actor with a critically acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet (based on her life) that she’s performed on stages worldwide and now virtually. Pick up her Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Live Streams so You Can Relax and Be Your Best Self

Cindy Carothers

We’ve all heard it: “Video content helps people to know, like and trust you”.

But for me, I hate being on camera.

Perhaps it’s true to for you too?

For me the answer is to conduct interviews – specifically on Facebook Live – and here’s why…..

I’m curious about people and what they are doing. I enjoy talking with them and allowing them to have the spotlight. An interview does that for me and my guest.

I use pre-set questions so I’m not agonizing over what I am going to say. I can just listen – and seek clarification as need be. There’s no pressure for me to be witty and clever. It’s a casual conversation about a topic of mutual interest with someone who really wants to share their knowledge with me.

So it’s actually fun for both of us.

With Facebook Lives, I feel no pressure to produce a perfectly staged and edited polished marketing type video. Who has time for that?

Facebook Lives are expected to be relaxed. Viewers want to feel like they’ve dropped in on a friendly chat.

I do a series of interviews that follows a set format so that I create a body of content that I can use for many purposes. Each video interview is posted to You Tube and also to my blog with a transcript. Snippets are good for social media posts. A series can be repurposed into a podcast. I can collate the answers to specific questions across a series, and use them for a ‘Tips’ type post or article. Or they can be organized into a pdf for a lead magnet or giveaway or a bonus offer with purchase. Lots of options!

If a Facebook Live interview series sounds interesting to you, get started now by grabbing my Free Roadmap Here.

I’ll look forward to seeing YOUR Facebook Lives.

Cindy Carothers helps business owners who wrote a book to use in their business tackle the issues that keep them from making the kind of income that they want. Learn more about her at 

Tanya Smith

After 12 years of sustaining an online business and building up a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and some other platforms, I found that my organic reach had taken a nosedive. I decided to either give up my business or take a leap of faith to do something dramatic with my content. 

I was creating so much text and image content on a daily basis, but it was not getting reach or giving me the return I wanted to see in follow growth, engagement or clicks. So I made a decision to take massive action and I committed to deliver 1-2 livestream videos every week for an entire year. 

I tried live streaming as a last resort option, knowing that most of the major social media platforms were prioritizing this content.

Then I noticed something was happening as a result of staying consistent doing live streams. I started growing my audience. I started having deeper engaging conversations with people that I really truly enjoyed working with. I attracted more paying clients.

Ultimately, the four reasons why I chose live streaming as my favorite form of video content are:

  1. Live streaming is easy and requires little to no editing;
  2. Live streaming is very affordable. You can literally use your smartphone and natural lighting from your window or being outside to deliver amazing content;
  3. You can build an audience of people that engage more than when you’re sharing an average blog post or an image; and
  4. Live streaming can help you build a standout brand that attracts the audience of your dreams while creating trust and credibility

I chose to live stream as my core video content strategy because even though I was anxious about being on camera, I knew it was super simple and cost-effective to create. I also believed it would help me go from invisible to getting noticed!

Tanya Smith helps coaches, consultants, and course creators leverage on-camera video content to get seen online, serve more people and sell more services. You’ll find her sharing weekly live video strategies at, on Facebook and Youtube.

Tishia Lee

One evening back in May, after hearing a social media expert talk about her success with TikTok, I decided to jump on board. Kind of…

I created my account and began to “silently stalk” (having an account but not creating any of my own content) other influencers in my niche. I was shocked to quickly realize this WASN’T the app for teenagers (which is what I had previously thought) and more importantly, I was excited to find a huge audience of exactly who my target market was.

Posting my first video, a quick 60 second introduction of me & what I am about (body positivity), I was excited to see how quick the content was consumed, a few hundred followers & comments! It excited me so I started posting often. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but it was fun, I enjoyed connecting with others and I was building a following.

Gaining new followers was moving pretty slow from May to September but that finally changed on September 6th when a video took off:

@shiningselftlThis is me. I’m fat & beautiful! ##thisisme ##shiningself ##biggirlhype ##fatisbeautifultoo ##effyourbodystandards ##plussizequeen ##plussizemodel♬ original sound – Taryn

Within 24 hours I gained over 1,000 followers, and had hundreds of comments, thousands of likes, and several shares. Today it still gets some traction and currently has 12.9k plays/views, 2,521 likes, 303 comments & 37 shares!

And the best part? It only took about 10 minutes of my time to create that content! All I did was take a trending song, put a spin on it that would resonate with my current audience & my target market.

The reason TikTok is a video content strategy that works for me is because I’m “afraid” of going live on Facebook, or longer videos. With this platform, I get to pre-record my videos, they’re only up to 60 seconds long and it’s FUN!

Tish Lee encourages women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology. She knows if you don’t take your space in the world, no one else can and that would be a damn shame. Learn more about here at

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