Let’s Love On Ukraine Together

March 3

Like you, I’ve been wanting to do something to love on and support the people of Ukraine.

After research and reflection, my heart is set on supporting World Central Kitchen. WCK is on the ground in multiple border locations providing hot meals for Ukraine refugees. They partner with local restaurants & food trucks when possible and recruit volunteers who just want to make a difference in any small way they can.

Refugees wait in miles long lines to seek safely and when they do reach the border, it’s a slow process – much of it spent out in the cold.

Hot meals are a small thing – but can you imagine how precious they are in the moment?

Read about the work World Central Kitchen does here.

Make a donation to support WCK & the people of Ukraine here.

I’m grateful for the peace and safety I live in right now – and want to do what I can to support those who don’t have it.

Forward me your donation receipt to claim one of the following gifts:

I’ll get back to you ASAP, I promise.

Together, we’ll make a small difference and hopefully, find more ways to do so in the future.


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