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  • When Should I Use An Email Automation Sequence

    Posted by Lynn on May 9, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    I’ve heard about the effectiveness of email automation sequences.

    When do you specifically need to use an email automation sequence to communicate with your community?

    Are these mostly used when you are getting acquainted with a new customer or following up on a product that was purchased?

    How many emails do you put in the email sequence for optimum effectiveness?

    Jennifer replied 1 year, 8 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Jennifer

    May 11, 2021 at 8:28 am

    Like a lot of marketing … “it depends”. :-)

    For example, I’m in a group dedicated to my particular email software (ActiveCampaign) and there are lots of advanced discussions, use of advanced features, some serious email automation ninja work going on that has even my head swimming!

    For most folks – keep it simple to start! By all means use the auto responder/automation feature to build out an automated delivery + welcome series for when someone opts in to your list via a free offer. You want them getting their free gift at whatever time, day they choose to opt in – the beauty of the auto responder – working 24/7/365 as your ‘team’

    Use an automation to deliver links, info, and nurturing after someone purchases something – services, courses, downloadable, PLR, etc

    There are automations that connect to people’s shopping cart software and can send ‘forgotten basket’ or ‘abandoned cart’ automated emails – e.g. think of any shop that sent you a coupon to ‘please come back and get that [item name] you left behind in your cart’

    Automations to send a coupon or a gift on someone’s birthday (if they filled that info out in your system), anniversary of joining your program, reminder to renew a membership, etc.

    There’s lot of advice on how many emails to send after delivering a gift – , 3, 5, 7, etc

    A welcome series has a few jobs (and it’s among the most opened emails you will ever send or a person ever receives) – deliver the info/item the subscriber specifically asked for/purchased, remind them of useful info on the item or encourage to use/download/book, tell them a bit more about you and how you can help (including examples of clients, or customer testimonials), and give them a next action to take with you.

    You don’t want to cram all that in one email – hence each becomes an email in a welcome/nurture series. A simple one could be 3, more complex could be 7 or more.

    There’s a lot you CAN do with automations – don’t forget to schedule and send broadcast or campaign emails too! But start simple and build out your automations from there .

    For example, I love tagging and ActiveCampaign because I can create different automations for each free gift, or webinar, workshop, course, or service that I offer (and can copy them so not starting from scratch). AND use features so that mighty pals already on my list don’t go through the same basic welcome series each time they get something from me – that would be weird and awkward – you already know who I am! ;-)

    I love helping my clients get setup in their email systems -especially ActiveCampaign – and build out their first automations and the ones that make sense for their business and line of offers. :-)