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    Posted by Kelly on April 29, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    Conscious Luck is co-written by Gay Hendricks – only one of my FAVE authors ever!

    My attitude towards luck has changed a whole lot over the years.

    Growing up, I did not feel lucky. I felt UNlucky. I felt I had the worst possible hand dealt to me in every way.

    In my late 30’s and 40’s – I considered ‘luck’ a term that didn’t apply. If something good happened, I was ‘blessed’ and if something bad happened, I was ‘being tested’.

    Here in my 50’s I’m pleased to report I have what I consider to be a healthy perspective on luck. I’ve definitely come to understand that attitude is everything and how I approach life and business is important. The more positive my mindset, the more kind my treatment of self, the more ‘luck’ I experience.

    Gay Hendricks and his co-author Carol believe that luck can be changed with intention when you stop thinking of it as an outside force. Any time I get another way to look at how I influence the direction of my life, I’m game.

    If you’re NOT intrigued – as the author himself suggests in the Preface – you might not be a candidate for reading the book. For a long while, I would not have been myself.

    A thought from ‘The Second Secret’:

    There is a interesting activity he suggests about identifying when you first felt unlucky in life. When I first listened to the book on audio, I missed it entirely. Look for the ‘That was then/This is now’ exercise… and please tell me if you do it. (I did… it felt pretty ‘woowoo’ but it also felt right)

    A thought from ‘The Third Secret’:

    This book (like most from Gay Hendricks) is not a passive read. He gets me involved in every step. This chapter is amazing.

    Just about two weeks ago I had a peek at some leftover shame I thought I’d vanquished and the exercise in this chapter was brilliant for dealing with it.

    It involves meditation, something I already practice almost daily, so I jumped right in.

    Doing a body scan, I felt for where I felt shame… oh heck, GO READ it – I don’t think it’s going to help you to hear MY experience since we’re all so different.

    I will tell you – I felt wonderful and in the 48 hours or so since, my meditation is better than ever!

    A thought from the Seventh:

    I like what is said in this chapter about “Essence Pace”. It is described as applied to how fast you walk but it’s transferrable to how fast you do anything.

    My Essence Pace in business can be quite fast. I move from chosen idea to action to launch incredibly fast sometimes. If someone else sees me doing this and thinks they have to match my pace, they may not enjoy themselves at all or beat themselves up because they don’t keep up.

    Everyone has an Essence Pace that works for them. Let’s not try to match someone else’s pace.

    What’s true for me is that I am not always fast. Sometimes my Essence Pace slows down to give me rest. And I instinctively know some projects are better served by a slow pace of progress.

    A thought from the Eighth:

    Feeling grateful/lucky is the mirror image of feeling victimized. (oooh, that’s golden!)

    When you’re feeling puny/victimized, switch up to lean into gratitude and it changes your internal energy around.

    I enjoyed Aimee’s story in this chapter. It illustrates how even in the midst of shitty circumstances, I can find something to be grateful for.

    Appreciation. Feeling it and expressing it. I enjoy this section of the chapter. I like to show appreciation in tangible ways whenever I can. Thinking about it today, I want to send some thank you notes!

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