The Three Stages Of Business Building Courage

March 3


The 3 stages of biz building courage & how courage grows through each. #lovepeoplemakemoney #solopreneur #businesssuccess #business #businessideas

When thinking about people I admire most in business, I can’t help but see they’re a gutsy bunch!

Every one of them exemplify true courageousness.

Nobody reaches financial success as a business owner without courage in the mix, that’s for sure.  Here’s the thing though, most of them started with just a dash of it!

That’s OK.  When it comes to courage, a little goes a long way.

[tbpquotable]I’ve spotted Three Stages of Business Building Courage and notice how Courage grows through each. via @kellymccausey[/tbpquotable]

First Stage: Inside You

Courage starts IN You.

You get an idea that stretches your view of yourself or your business and decide it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone to develop it.

I love the dawning of a new idea.  It’s exciting!  Treasuring the potential of the idea deep in my own heart, I start to brainstorm and build a vision of implementing the idea.

Unfortunately, this First Stage is where Courage often fades.

Alone with our idea, if we don’t start taking action quickly, the voice of our inner critic (the ‘Trickster’) starts to tear it apart.

‘Oh, who do I think I am to take on a project like this? I’m nobody. Who would want to learn from me/hire me/work with me? Ah, forget it – maybe someday I’ll be ready for something like this but not right now…’

The Trickster prattles on, tossing up every objection and insecure thought our brains can conjure – and before you know it, your idea is kaput.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.  Take your idea to the Second Stage and get help tuning the Trickster out!

Second Stage: In A Safe Circle Of Support

Hopefully, you’re part of a Mastermind or Coaching Program where your idea will be challenged in a supportive fashion. A healthy business mastermind provides a safe environment with all out permission to try new things.

I personally love an even balance of Lift and Push…

Lift Gives Me Encouragement & Motivation.

[tbpquotable]Being around other business dreamers is good for me! via @kellymccausey  [/tbpquotable]

As ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ I’m driven to achieve more simply by observing what my close contemporaries are making happen.

Push Provides Questions & Accountability.

Not all ideas end up being right for me or the community I serve. When I’m questioned on my ideas, I find pesky gaps and possible problems I haven’t thought of yet.  It speeds up my idea development – helping me reach a ‘Yay or Nay’ conclusion faster.

Left to myself, I’ll keep looking at my idea through ‘rose colored glasses’ and potentially lose time and effort to an idea that ends up going into the trash can. Worse yet, I may give up on a truly amazing idea too soon!

Third Stage: Going Public

Bolstered by my circle of support, idea polished and ready to implement – I can share what I’m doing with my community.

I love to include my community in on the development process, so I don’t wait til a project is ready to launch to tell them about it.  I tell them as soon as I’m 100% committed and keep them updated on my progress.  This invites support and encouragement AND builds anticipation, so when I do launch, I have a hungry bunch ready to snap it up.

Over the years, I’ve experienced a titch of uglyness at this point.  I’ve had people scoff at me or be negative about my price.  I push right past this sort of resistance without losing momentum – largely because of the confirmation I found in Stage Two.

My Hope In Sharing This:

[tbpquotable]You’ll realize you only need a tiny ray of courageous sunshine to get started. via @kellymccausey  [/tbpquotable]

Next time a new idea tingles, treasure it in your heart for just a little while. If it makes your spirit sing and seems right for your commuity,  jump into action – taking it to the next stage :)

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