Reading For Inspiration: Thoughts Aren’t Automatically True

November 8

Rozlyn Warren of Sacred Life Mastery and Julie Lopez of JL Virtual Assistant joined me today.

We’re reading this blurb from one of Roz’s trainings:

You can learn to love and accept all of you…your amazing Divine Soul essence as well as your delightful human personality known as ego.

For too long you have been taught to fight, hate, fear, beat back and concur the ego, yet without it you cannot be fully human…it is your personality.

Your ego has a vital role in your life, however, when you are not living consciously and on purpose, the ego drives the bus instead of being a passenger. How do you lure it out of the driver’s seat? By listening to it and loving it.

If you think of your ego as a two year old child…it just wants to be heard and loved…you can do that, while not taking anything it says personally and certainly not letting the two year old drive (as in not getting your instructions for life from your ego)!

How did ego take over, you may wonder. Through conditioning, all the rules you learned for how to ‘go along to get along’ and even if you rebelled against everything parents, teachers and other adults told you to do…your rebellion was still based in your reaction to conditioning.

This conditioning builds a shell persona…the identity you take on to fit in so you can be safe and ‘successful’. Keeping these ‘rules’ straight demands a lot of chatter in your mind that keeps who you really are…at your core…hidden away.

This chatter has been so consistent and, for the most part, is echoed and modeled as correct throughout society that you believe that everything you think 1) is your own thought and 2) is true.

Free Gift from Roz:

Flip the switch on all the mental chatter that berates you and causes you to doubt yourself.

Turn the voices in your head into trusted allies, through a targeted journaling process that is actually fun!!

The journaling process that has been wildly successful on my own life and for my private clients is Daring Awareness Nurtures Creativity & Expansion Journaling…lovingly shortened to D.A.N.C.E. Journal™…is available to you…as my gift…so you can flip the chatter and begin to love and trust yourself!


Julie Lopez, Rozlyn Warren

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