Study The Big Leap With Me

The Big Leap was frequently recommended to me several years ago and I read it for the first time in 2013.  Since then I’ve read it again and listened to it twice. Now we can make that five times total because I’ve just finished reading it with members of my Facebook Community, “Business Is Better Together”.

I posted a video in the group for each of the eight chapters in the book, sharing my impressions and how the ideas have had an impact on me.

In my final video, posted yesterday, I was surprised to have emotions rise up in a big way.  There’s so much in the book to absorb and take action on – it can and will have a profound influence on you if you let it.

I invite you to come on over and join us.  You can begin reading the book and watching the chapter videos as you complete each one.  Member Glennette Goodbread helpfully created a list of the videos here.

Download this free PDF of the Ultimate Success Mantra from the book.