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June 4

This is a guest post from Lynn Leusch, a craft blogger who is passionate about encouraging creativity in others! You can find her over at Create Scout.

I remember Show-and-Tell days in school, do you? Oh how I looked forward to those special days! I’d spend hours deciding what I wanted to show to my classmates and remember having so much pride in sharing that one thing that made me feel special. Similarly, I remember when I would make something special for my mom and how I couldn’t wait to show her and tell her about my creation.

I liken my craft blog as a Grown-ups Show-and-Tell. This is my carved-out space to allow the authentic and real me to shine and showcase what I’m passionate about.

Do you have a passion for crafting? Whether you like to scrapbook, crochet, draw, or make homemade cards, starting a craft blog could be a great avenue to show and tell what creatively makes you smile.

Remember two things when starting a craft blog:

  • Crafters Love Seeing Crafts
  • You can do it. Just S.T.A.R.T.

Show Other Crafters What You Make

Crafters don’t ever seem to tire of being inspired by creative projects. Crafters follow other crafters because they want to be inspired. They want to see what you make. So create things and show them.

Tell Other Crafters What They Want to Know

Crafters want you to tell them how you created your project. So tell them how you made it! They want to know the stamp you used on that card, where you got that fabric print from, or the name of that special tool you used. YUP, this is where you Show-and-Tell them all the little details about the things and techniques you use to make your craft project. If inspired, blog readers will be determined to make the cool projects they see on your blog because you told them how to make it.

Add Alluring Photos

Good photos are vitally important. No expensive equipment is needed. Got a smart phone? Yes? Then you can take some inspiring photos. Providing well-lit, visually appealing photos will keep your crafting followers coming back.

Regular Postings

Regular blog posting doesn’t mean every day, it just means being consistent. Consider posting only once or twice a week to start. Unfortunately, when bloggers are inconsistent they lose readers fast. Be consistent.

Teach With Tutorials

Crafters love to learn how you make things, and they especially love tutorials because craft tutorials are what make good craft blogs great. Providing visual and/or step-by-step written tutorials will make for very happy returning crafters.

I hope, if it’s a right fit for you, that I’ve inspired you to get S.T.A.R.Ted creating your own Show-and-Tell craft blog.

About Lynn

Lynn loves living a crafty life and is passionate about encouraging creativity in others. After years of teaching and presenting workshops on personal and professional self-development as well as teaching and demonstrating craft classes to both small and large groups, she realizes she really loves inspiring others to believe in their own personal value and guiding them to discover and broaden their creative passions.

Create Scout was designed to offer the craft and DIY community a place where they can visit and find inspiration, tutorials and more on a variety of paper crafted projects. In addition, Lynn finds joy in scouting the internet to find and showcase curated crafty creations from amazing innovative artists and their DIY projects. She is passionate about sharing her finds with others to stretch their creative imaginations.


Lynn Leusch

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