20 Ways To Show Up On Social Media In 2020

January 24

Is showing up more consistently on social media one of your 2020 goals? For many of us, social media is something we squeeze into our schedules, delegate out or put on the back-burner completely. Often we focus on creating Facebook posts or InstaWorthy images and neglect other areas of social media that could help us connect more with our communities.

I would like to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone just a smidge with these 20 actionable tasks.

#1 Get in front of the camera! Introduce yourself to your community and let them see you. So often we like to hide behind the business. Be visible and help your online community connect more with you.

2 – Create 3-5 Pinterest graphics for popular articles you have written to appeal to different demographics. You can upload them directly to Pinterest or use a scheduler like Tailwind. When pinning it is important to remember to include:

  • a brief SEO-friendly caption of at least 2-3 sentences
  • your article’s direct URL
  • relevant hashtags

3 – Participate in a Twitter chat. They move quickly so do not get overwhelmed if you are not familiar with Twitter. One of the easier ways to take part in a chat is to use Hootsuite and have two columns: one following the hashtag and one with replies directly to you. You can also follow along directly on Twitter by searching the hashtag. #TwitterSmarter is a great chat to learn more about using Twitter effectively. #SMEChat rotates through topics of interest for digital marketing. #GoalChat is one of my favorite weekly Twitter chats to participate in. It happens each Sunday at 10 PM Eastern and is a great way to set your personal and professional goals for the week.

You can follow along with Twitter chats directly from Twitter by searching out the hashtag

4 – Try out a new social media platform – just for fun. You may like it, you may not. But try it. Four years ago, I was dead-set against Periscope. The thought of live-streaming terrified me. I did not get just getting online and talking to whoever. Four years later, 1000+ broadcasts later and my personal and professional life have been impacted by the Periscope community in countless ways. Clients, community members, partners, and great friends have been made from the social media platform I swore I would never be a part of.

Tip: If you’re not comfortable with video, start with 2-3 minute pre-recorded videos with the camera focused on something other than your face.

5 – Create a simple know-how video for your community and upload it directly to the social media platforms you are active on.

6 – Share your content on LinkedIn to resonate with the community you are looking to connect with: quick videos, quick tips, affirmations, article links, etc.

7 – Create an event on Facebook for a livestream or simple online event you’re hosting (Thankful Thursday, previewing a video, community announcement, etc). Cheryl Cooper recently did this to announce her #SisterFriends initiative to her online community. She created the event, added a fun description and invited her community from her personal and business page.

Create a Facebook event for a special announcement for your community.

8 – Take part in an Instagram Challenge. There are many photo challenges to take part in on Instagram. You don’t have to post a new photo to your feed every day. Use InstaStories to complete the challenge by sharing images and videos that align with the daily prompts. A simple Instagram Challenge to join is #cherisheveryday365. You can also search out the current month and Instagram challenge as a hashtag – example: #januaryinstagramchallenge – to see different challenges from different niches that may interest you.

Tip: Remember to include a call-to-action with your social media posts. Instruct your audience what action to take after engaging with your content.

9 – Share something great a fellow entrepreneur has done for you and share it tagging their business accounts. Don’t forget to include a fun photo or video.

10 – Coordinate with a Facebook group owner to go live in their group sharing your expertise with their community. This should be a Facebook group that you are active in.

11 – Create a Five Day Social Media Challenge to engage your community. In 2016 I hosted my first #BackToYou Challenge – a five-day self-care challenge for moms to complete during the back to school season. Each year I’ve used the same videos and content to connect with my community. You can view my initial challenge kick-off (and first ever-Facebook Live video!) here on Facebook.

12 – Use Instagram or Facebook stories to give a behind-the-scenes view of your daily routine or a business process.

Tip: Do not overwhelm your community with your stories. If what you are sharing takes up over 3 frames, share it as a video instead. Also, limit sharing to 1-2 stories an hour.

13 – Broadcast a dual Livestream with a fellow entrepreneur sharing specific tips on your areas of expertise; an interview or just a general chat about what you both enjoy about the work that you do. If you do this on Facebook, you must use a third-party application like Streamyard or BeLive.

14 – Create a pre-recorded video sharing your why. Talk directly to the camera and let those watching know why you do what you do.

15 – When you attend a conference or networking event, use and follow the hashtag. Engage with it and others using the hashtag before, during and after the event. Typically, the hashtag will be used on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

16 – When creating videos, add captions. Facebook has the option to auto-generate them on videos you create or upload on their platform. There are also applications you can purchase that will add captions to the videos you record on your mobile phone. This will help you connect with viewers who are hearing impaired or just prefer to watch videos with the sound muted.

17 – Book yourself on a podcast.

18 – Create a regular series on your social media account. It could be a weekly or monthly interview, chat, livestream, etc. Something that your community will know to look forward to.

19 – When networking face-to-face, connect on your preferred platform. Send a message or comment from your business account to stay connected.

20 – Delegate out what you don’t want to do but feel is necessary for your brand’s growth.

Which tasks will you commit to completing first?

About The Author: Michelle D. Garrett

I blog full-time over at Divas With A Purpose and am passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs show up authentically on social media for their communities. Feel free to connect with me online and see me in action on InstagramPeriscopeFacebook, and Twitter.


Michelle Garrett

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