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  • Tishia

    September 1, 2022 at 9:24 pm

    Jennifer, that was one of the problems (the STOP on the campaign wasn’t working) & I told them – I was told to hang tight, the issue was being sent to the developers team (or some crap like that) and that I would hear back. Well guess what? NO RESPONSE.

    I have never had this horrible of customer service experience with them – in the past they were always so speedy to reply and I wasn’t ignored.

    I’m extremely frustrated with them but I do not have the mental energy or bandwidth to try and make a switch back to Aweber or another provider right now so I feel like I’m “stuck” with them for the time being. Honestly, the thought of making a switch makes me sick to my stomach; it’s a huge headache to change out opt-in forms, etc. so I probably won’t make a switch. I just wish they would get their crap together and HELP me.

    And the 2 emails I’ve sent since this happened, both have gone into that stupid pending review status but thankfully they sent within 10-15 minutes.