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  • Tishia

    August 25, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    I sent another ticket last night & this morning – finally got a response.

    Here’s what they told me (about yesterday’s issue, not the previous week issues):

    We were experiencing an unusually high volume of platform activity at the time when your campaign was sending, and this caused an issue partway through the sending process that it did not recover from. Our campaign sending engine is generally pretty resilient in this situation and will typically just experience a small sending delay when this happens, but on a very rare occasion, it can fail in a way that it doesn’t recover from. Regardless, this isn’t something that should be a regular occurrence. We’ve been working on a number of improvements to address this, as well as to better alert you when it does happen.

    And my campaign from yesterday never did send – they told me to stop it, but the system won’t let me stop it. But they said if I duplicate it and send that one, there’s a chance the system could also send the one that is “stuck” in pending review status… UGH.